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New Girl


Zlata. erotic massage.


21 лет


168 см

Breast size:

2 size

About Zlata

Zlata is our new masseuse girl, with a quite a sunning body and, what a luxurious hair!

Zlata does not stands out with her modesty, you can even say that she is depraved, well, in the better sense of this word. ; – ) She loves her own body, loves the pleasure that an erotic massage can give her. With a man, she is quite relaxed, thus Zlata quickly and easily finds a common language with every visitor. She is good-natured, polite and courteous.

The nature has awarded her with a very good physical aspect. She is very feminine, her body lines are smooth and round, but at the same time the figure is very athletic. Her thighs are magnificent, and her breast is a strong little number two of a good shape. Her legs are long, and slender, her feet are so beautiful that many of our visitors like to caress them, as Zlata herself told me in secret.

Her face is pleasant; I would say even sweet. Her lips not very plump, though not thin. All in all, she looks very harmonious and chic.

Zlata did not have a full photo session yet, so we are still waiting for her high-quality photos. Meanwhile many visitors are already interested to know her better. There are just few reviews about her, but they are all positive. I guess Zlata wont leave you indifferent, if you decide to visit us. With the help of she’s affection and she’s elastic body, she would certainly leave you delighted.

Concerning a man, Zlata most of all appreciates commitment and kindness. Also, as she said, she loves humor and often talks on philosophical topics. If you want not only to relax your body, but also to communicate with a beautiful and interesting girl – feel free to call and sign up for Zlata.

And of course, do not forget that Zlata, like any other girl, likes attention, flowers and sweets. Thats just my recomendation of course. Please, after the visit to our sweet masseuse do not forget to leave a review – it is very important for the girls to know that they bring satisfaction. It inspires them like nothing else, and I’m sure that next time you’ll have even more pleasure (if thats possible) and immerse yourself in an erotic fairy tale that you will dream of at night, and that’s for a long time.



Photos without processing

Waiting for a photo…

Personal program

Made personally by the girl

1.5 HOUR

  • You can feel a masseuse’s tender young body with each cell of your body at the individual program of Zlata.

The program includes a lot of caresses, tenderness and touches. It begins with the most loving shower together with the girl. There you get the first and the most potent pleasure. To relax and rest, Zlata takes you to a large bed where she does the full body massage.

Head massage is also included in the program – it is very erotic and pleasant. Later, in order to set you up on an erotic way, a girl makes a Sakura Branch – what is mean that a masseuse caresses your body with her body. Rose caresses supplements your pleasures and helps the girl to get delight. It ends with one more erotic part and with a shower.

Erotic part in the shower

Full body massage

Head massage

Sakura branch

Rose caresses

Second erotic part

Zlata schedule

Starting from today

7/17(Wed) 7/18(Thu) 7/19(Fri) 7/20(Sat) 7/21(Sun) 7/22(Mon) 7/23(Tue)
11:00 ~ 0:00 17:00 ~ 0:00 11:00 ~ 0:00 17:00 ~ 0:00 - - -

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NORTH (Pionerskaya): 40$ per hour






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If a girl has "Personal program" then I strongly recommend to choose it during your visit of her. This program is her most sexual self-expression!

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