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40$ per hour
City center and north: +7-921-997-6090 Two places. Many girls!

XM – Salon of erotic massage in St. Petersburg

Salon of erotic massage in St. Petersburg

Salon XM

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You are now in the best place to relax and have fun. Erotic massage is not only a relaxation, but also an opportunity to try something new and get an unforgettable delight. And of course, all thanks to the professional approach of our great masseuses.

Three of our salons, like the one at Pionerskaya str., on Begovaya str. and Petrogradskaya str., will become for you a place where your most dreamed about erotic fancies will turn into reality. Another kind of get high.

You can rest assured (I promise), that we have the real professionals of their job, I mean: young and beautiful girls, who are ready to offer you really unusual services (try their sensual massage, you won’t be sorry).


For sure in our salon you will forget what on earth that modesty is. Why do you have to be shy, if you and the girls get a huge delight from everything that happens here? We have here a special intimate atmosphere that will get you to try the most daring experiments.


Anyone knows that erotic massage relaxes like no other kind of massage. I know the stuff from my own experience. Delicate hands help to relax and leave all your affairs far away, or, at least behind the door. Obsessive sad thoughts and fatigue would vanish, thanks to sensual touches and beautiful body movements. Or thanks to an erotic massage. No wonder this kind of recreation is very modern in such a large city as St. Petersburg. Our salon is a place where all the problems will abandon you and from where you will come out with a smile of joy. And unforgettable memories…


In the first instance I wish that each of our clients, get a great pleasure over here and then have a happy ending. Such a happy one that I would like him to come back here, again and again. Let’s get that our erotic massage would lift you high, to a new peak of pleasure! Let the young and beautiful masseuses show you why our salon is the best rest place in St. Petersburg. You will see the difference between Russian call girl and our girls, or Russian date girls and our girls.


Our apartments are an example of comfort in St. Petersburg. Soft colors, skillful design and of course comfortable furniture will allow you to plunge into an atmosphere of comfort and relaxing.

We always pay attention to hygiene, so we have always a clean atmosphere. Snow-white sheets, towels, slippers. Nothing should distract our customers from having a good time. Moreover, it is always pleasant when men, once used our services, become regular customers.

Services of eromassage for men

In any of our salons you will be met by the politest and friendliest administrators of St. Petersburg.


Notwithstanding, the most important, the most precious and valuable, and for what our visitors love us, are of course our girls. Even St. Petersburg escort girls envy them. They are real professionals and not just of sensual massage. Most of them make a genuine show of their erotic massage programs, full of exciting movements and exciting touches. This is an art of erotic massage! Each program is a whole show, the most important hero of which will be you. I push hard and as result gathered the best masters of eromassage, and you will immediately understand it, while visiting us at least once.

You are always welcomed here, in our massage salon:

  • spacious and beautiful apartments in St.Petersburg;
  • a wide range of relaxing programs;
  • easy to get there location: at Pionerskaya, Ozerki and Petrogradskaya;
  • a wide variety of services;
  • beautiful, smart and nice girls.

We work daily, around the clock, without days off and breaks.

So, you still have any doubts? Common! Call us, and I will offer you such a great relax that you wont find anywhere else in St. Petersburg. Promise.

Our girls

New masseuses

All our girls are young, slim and insanely beautiful. Thats why our salon of erotic massage is so popular. We talk about all of our shows with sensual massage included. BEFORE and AFTER the massage. One could have here an aquamassage with any of our girls and spend with her unforgettable moments in the shower. Her tenderness and affection will be an excellent entry to the erotic massage and an excellent end of the session with a happy ending!

There are numerous forums about erotic massage that made best reviews about our masseuses as being the best choice for men’s recreation in St. Petersburg. And of course, these reviews are very important for us. We got to monitor them from close and constantly improve the quality of our services all together with our company ladies’ assistance.

Even women write about us, the ones who have come to an erotic massage also. And we are really quite pleased about that, specially their compliments. A woman wont be deceitful about an issue like that. We sincerely hope that the branch of our salon of erotic massage in Begovaya and the branch in Petrogradskaya will please you out of your excellent choice!

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We offer the work of an erotic masseuse.

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Photos without processing

We do not hide the beauty and charm of our masseuses! In this section, every girl makes erotic photos individually, using only her phone. I’m sure you’ve seen the phrase “100% my photos”, so, enjoy 100% real photos of our beauties!


Massage programs

The lowest prices

For those who want to try something unusual, we have prepared a special surprise! A certain number of our girls offer their own exclusive sensual massage programs, individually created by them and are based on their own skills and preferences. Many masseuses have trained in the art erotic massage and have their own approach and point of view about the process.

As you can see, our team is quite big. Everyone can choose a girl according to his taste – whether it is a blonde, brunette or red-haired. Here, in our massage salon, there are many charming women with big and beautiful breasts, but there are also slender girls, so called the first size ones. But whatever beauty you choose, they are all young and well-groomed.

Our massage salon is a relax place, therefore only girls who love to do erotic massage work for us. These masseuses are emancipated and they really enjoy the process. Great experience, good technique and courtesy – that’s the trick which distinguishes a company lady of our salon. Coming to us, you can safely relax, leaving all your problems behind the door of the salon, and our girls will do everything necessary by oneself. Immerse yourself in their warm embrace after a hard day, and you will feel refreshed and ready to move mountains.

  • 90м: 4000 · 2ч: 5000
  • ·
  • час: 4000 · 90м: 5700 · 2ч: 7500


Персональные программы

Составлено девушкой

For those who want to try something unusual, we have prepared a special surprise! A certain number of our girls offer their own exclusive sensual massage programs, individually created by them and are based on their own skills and preferences. Many masseuses have trained in the art erotic massage and have their own approach and point of view about the process.


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