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40$ per hour
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Perfectly shaped girl




170 sm

Breast size:

2 size

About Vlada

Vlada is our slender masseuse with an ideal figure. The girl is very experienced, because she has been working in our salon for a long time. Vlada is able to organize a real VIP comfort for any client. A lot of men, who visit our salon, consider Vlada one of the most beautiful girls-masseuses.

Her piercing gaze is full of passion and fire. And what she does during an intimate massage is a real miracle! When she rhythmically moves to music,-she truly makes wonders. Our clients leave only delightful reviews about the Vlada. She has a lot of clients; men are ready to get into the gentle hands of this girl again and again! And if the client came to our salon tired, worried about everyday problems or just without the mood- in just an hour, spent with Vlada, he will become an absolutely different person, with burning eyes and a positive mood, because this slender masseuse can fill with energy! And if you came to our salon with the desire to enjoy a beautiful and graceful female body, then you certainly need to order a program in our slender masseuse Vlada. Her character fully matches to her bright model form and relaxed style of the program. However, she is very shy girl with a good upbringing. With this masseuse it is pleasant to talk on a wide variety of topics. Vlada is not only a good massage specialist, but also an excellent companion, and a grateful listener.

Do you want to get the maximum delight of an erotic massage? Or you are looking for a real aesthetic pleasure? So, you need to come to our massage salon and choose the Vlada.

Well, if you have already chosen the Vlada, then better to call us and reserve a comfortable time for you, as this our masseuse is very popular among men – she has regular customers who take almost all of her working time.

You cannot doubt the correctness of your choice. Vlada is charming, beautiful and smart girl at the same time tries to make some personality when communicating with each of her clients. Come and enjoy our passionate Vlada.

Selfi of Vlada

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Personal program

Made personally by the girl

  • With elegant external data and an excellent breast, Vlada has a large, bouncy and insanely beautiful ass. The first thing that comes to your mind when looking at her: I never seen before such a beauty!

Vlada is a very clever woman. Her technique of erotic massage makes customers return to her again and again, demanding her. The girl simply has a unique talent, being at the same time in a great physical shape, she is slender, the dream of any man!

That’s why Vlada chose a program in which she pays maximum attention to her most desired part of the body. She will make you an amazingly gentle massage with her ass. You will be amazed at the dexterity and beauty of her movements.

But the most pleasant is waiting for you ahead when she will give you the opportunity not just to admire, but to kiss and caress her ass. She will be happy to relax on your face and reveal to you the most intimate body parts to your gaze. Enjoy the most desired part of the woman and bring Vlada pleasure!

Delicate silky skin, you would like to touch her constantly. Those movements that she performs on erotic massage with her booty, can drive any man crazy.

Classical massage

Erotic Final


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Ablutions in a shower

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NORTH (Pionerskaya): 40$ per hour






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If a girl has "Personal program" then I strongly recommend to choose it during your visit of her. This program is her most sexual self-expression!

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