big breast escort girl

Vasilisa, 20 y.o. 167 cm, Breast D. St Petersburg. Russia.

big breast escort girl
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Do you like women with large breasts? Then our newest girl is the one for you! She has voluptuous assets, a well-groomed body and breasts you can literally drown in. And she uses those breasts to work wonders during her erotic massage sessions! Moreover, the girl is extremely bright and is certain to charm you from the moment you meet her. With her friendly demeanor and bubbly personality, this young and buxom beauty will make your evening one you won’t soon forget!

She’s only been working with us a little while and hasn’t yet put together her own program, but surely it will involve her fantastic bosom and firm butt. So if you want to play with her beautiful breasts and delight in the bliss of youth, you positively need to visit Vasilisa at Ozerki! This big breasted girl will be good choice if you like to spend time on erotic massage in St. Petersburg, Russia.

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47 USD
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As it turns out, not only does Vasilisa take female clients, she absolutely loves doing it! Several of our female visitors have already savored her touch via her exclusive lesbian massage. And, I must say, I was stunned to hear how much they loved every minute of it.

Vasilisa knows her way around a woman’s erogenous zones, and she knows how to work them. Her touch will bring you to the pinnacle of ecstasy, which, sadly, is all too often missing in the life of the modern woman. So why not indulge yourself in this erotic massage for women?

A special tips for hubbies: if you want your better half to really enjoy herself, this program should be at the top of your list. Allow your beloved to relax and be serviced by a true professional.

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In our OZERKY place.
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If a girl has "Exclusive program" then I strongly recommend to choose it during your visit of her. This program is her most sexual self-expression!

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