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40$ per hour
City center and north: +7-921-997-6090 Two places. Many girls!



Below is the TOP of the best girls according to our visitors’ review. As you surely know, if you were visiting a girl, then you can vote on her page. Everyone can vote, so you can also change your opinion in the future and raise or lower the rating of the masseuse. This allows us to evaluate the quality of the erotic massage, and allow other visitors to make a more correct choice.

Often, customers that call us on the phone ask to be served by the best of our masseuses’ girls. At such moments I am at a loss for words and never know what to answer, – at last all of our girls are charming and beautiful, and yet, – individual. Each of them has her own fans, people that are regular customers who bring flowers and small presents to the girl, and thus, of course, each of our girls deserves the title of the most attractive.

Therefore, in order to somehow appreciate our beauties, we introduced a voting service. You can vote for the girl you like on her own topic. The automatic counting of votes will honestly determine the best masseuse at our salon!

In addition, each girl is very pleased, if the visitor appreciated her efforts and visited her page for voting. For you, it may look a trifle, but for masseuses, it is the best confirmation that their talent and their erotic massage technique was appreciated. To get the title of the best masseuse is to get recognition. And if the girl got this title for her personal program, which she developed by herself, then she would be doubly pleased. It means that her creative component is absolutely great.

Check out our list and choose a masseuse that will make you possibly the best erotic massage in your life. Call us an hour before the proposed visit and come up! Our clever and beautiful date girls are waiting for you. After all, you deserve the best!