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40$ per hour
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A fascinating look, model appearance, young, slender




174 sm

Breast size:

3 size

About Sofie

Sofie is a real find for our erotic massage salon. This girl is of a model appearance, with a fascinating look, long slender legs, thin waist and an excellent maiden’s breast.

Sofie came to our salon recently, she’s new, but she’s already doing her job very good. She learned very quickly how to get away with both: a traditional massage and its erotic part. Her hands are very tender and sensitive, so you can be sure – she will find on your body not just one erogenous zone, which she will work out with great caress and ecstasy.

She is nice and calm and she likes to play pranks. When she smiles, one cannot look away from her smile. This girl takes care about herself, she has an innate sense of taste and style.

Sofie is a confident girl. She gladly takes the initiative, and all the visitors after communicating with her stay in a full delight. Yes, its true, I just have few reviews about her, because she barely came up to work with us, but all the same she already have lots of fans around. Considering what I’ve seen at the photo session, she is a very promising girl who loves her own body, knows how to find a common language with every man and tries very much to please her partner.

Therefore, do not miss your chance to go to this cutie for an appointment, call us and sign up for at least an hour before this, so that the girl has time to prepare for a meeting with you and receive you fully armed!

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CENTER (Petrogradskaya): 40$ per hour






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If a girl has "Personal program" then I strongly recommend to choose it during your visit of her. This program is her most sexual self-expression!

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