St. Petersburg erotic massage service - "XM"

40$ per hour
City center and north: +7-921-997-6090 Two places. Many girls!


The girl is a storm of emotions




168 sm

Breast size:

3 size

About Sicilia

Sicilia – the name says about the exotic, passion and unusualness of this girl-masseuse. She is a very sensual masseuse and starts with a half turn. A real hot beauty. And she is only 19 years old!

Sicilia has a very unusual appearance – a thin waist, wide hips, magnificent large breasts. The legs are long, slender, with thin ankles and small fingers.

I was at a photo shoot with Sicilia, and really enjoyed it. The girl is very graceful. At first she was a bit shy, then she got carried away, and we even extended the session for 15 minutes. I saw that she was reckless. When Sicily does something, she takes great pleasure in the process. I think she enjoys with the men in the room during the erotic massage.

She has several regular Clients. But she works recently. Sicily knows how to entertain men. Reviews of Sicily are only positive. Her gentle fingers easily and simply lead the Clients into arousal, seeking discharge. And just looking at her work is very nice. This is a wonderful sight.

Sicilia has a cheerful and mischievous character, with a good sense of humor. You will feel calm and relaxed throughout the evening. After all, you come to the ero-massage for this?

Come to Sicily in St. Petersburg, and she will open for you a world of sensual pleasures. You will return to it more than once. Sicily is worth your attention!

Selfi of Sicilia

Photos without processing

Personal program

Made personally by the girl

  • We must pay tribute to a girl like our amazing Sicilia, because she understands and performs the most sensually desires and she knows all the most secret male desires …

In our individual program, our beauty will make it so that a man will simply have to obey his mistress, who will order him to obey in all her sweet desires, and the imagination of such a domineering mistress is very stormy …

Hot BDSM, all along with the role-playing games that this passionate girl has prepared for you, will make you forget about everything. In order to get pleasure from this rest, one just has to decide … Experienced Sicilia will turn your relax into a storm of incredible erotic emotions!

Only in this relaxation are interwoven the humiliation and pain, sweetness and ecstasy. Those who are ready to cross the bounds of what is permitted and generally accepted with an imperious, incredible Sicilia, who knows well her own business, remain in full rapture and become her constant, loyal fans forever!

Special guest meeting and a role-playing game of any scenario

Domination light version / brutal games

Humiliation verbal/physical


Erotic relaxation

Captivating ablution in the shower

Sicilia schedule

Starting from today

12/12(Wed) 12/13(Thu) 12/14(Fri) 12/15(Sat) 12/16(Sun) 12/17(Mon) 12/18(Tue)
11:00 ~ 0:00 11:00 ~ 0:00 11:00 ~ 0:00 11:00 ~ 0:00 - - -

Book visit to Sicilia

NORTH (Pionerskaya): 40$ per hour






Best words to say by phone:

Hello, I would like to visit Sicilia in 1 hour (in 2, in 3 hours)…

Best SMS text to book Sicilia:

Sicilia in 1 hour (in 2, in 3 hours)…

If a girl has "Personal program" then I strongly recommend to choose it during your visit of her. This program is her most sexual self-expression!

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