Erotic massage in St. Petersburg


Your choice

Build your own erotic massage program

If you are individual in everything, and you want to choose the caress that our girls will bestow you, you should consider the program Your choice (Erotic massage program).

It begins with a classic light relaxing massage, during which you and the masseuse will have the first contact, and this is an extremely important point, because if a girl feels you and your desires, then the erotic part will be just great. A relaxing massage usually starts from the back, and gradually the girl descends lower and lower, going over to a foot massage.

Choose any additions, please yourself with the most subtle pleasures! Depending on what additions you have chosen, the girl will continue her explicit caresses. Additions you can see by clicking on the link below:

And all this will end with the most erotic part of the massage, when you reach the peak of pleasure. As a rule, this program is chosen by already experienced visitors of the salon, who have tried all the programs and know exactly what pleasures are the most desired for them.

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