Erotic massage in St. Petersburg



Erotic Massage “Revelation”

Revealing is probably the most common fetish program among our visitors. In it, a man combines usefulness with pleasure. The girl not only is doing a Lingam massage, but also complements it with an erotic prostate massage.

At the end of the classic part of the massage, the girl, as always, will surround your body with intimate caresses, but in this program she will pay maximum attention to your bottom. A real erotic prostate massage awaits you!

The addition of “Prostate Massage” (Erotic prostate massage) will not only greatly enhance your feelings, but also promotes blood circulation and cleansing the prostate channels in a man, and this issue directly affects your intimate life. After an erotic massage with a prostate massage for a long time you will still feel a strong surge of strength and sexual attraction. The procedure of urological massage will end for you with the most vivid and unrestrained pleasure!

To emphasize the sensations, we included in the program the addition of “Milking” in which a man can feel like a real buffalo, kneeling and allowing the masseuse to caress him from behind and make some special movements of a Lingam massage.

Reviews of such an erotic massage are hard to find, since men are not used to sharing such adventures, but from my own experience I know that this is the most frequent male fantasy that gives surprisingly strong feelings.

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