Erotic massage in St. Petersburg


Revelation. Erotic prostate massage.

Erotic prostate massage

Revelation is probably the most popular fetish program among our visitors. A man can combine health benefit with pleasure. Masseuse not only makes the Lingam massage but also add the erotic prostate massage in this program.

At the end of the classical massage, girl, as always, will surround your body with intimate movements, but in this program she will give more attention to your butt.

The “Prostate massage” not only reinforce your feelings, but also helps with blood circulation and cleanse the prostate. This has a direct effect on your sexual life. After erotic massage with prostate massage extra you will feel a strong burst of sexual energy for a long time.

It is hard to find reviews of such erotic massage, since men are not sharing such adventures, but from my experience I know that this is the most common male fantasy giving amazing orgasm.

Remember, you should book your massage 1-2 hours before to visit us. Have a nice relaxation!

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