Erotic massage in St. Petersburg


Erotic Massage Peep Show

The expression Peep Show comes from the English word peep, which means also PEEKING. In part, this is the essence of the program. It gives the chance to the man to peep and learn more about the intimate secrets of the girl. Believe me, every young beauty has many interesting secrets.
PEEP show is the most intimate show that you saw.
The program will begin with a classic massage , where your muscles will be warmed up and knead thoroughly from your back to the feet. This part will give you the opportunity to talk a little and get closer to the masseuse, and this acquaintance will help her to open up completely before you. The peep show itself will begin in the second half of the program, and it will be truly unforgettable. PEEP show, this is the most intimate sight that one can watch. During the whole action, the girl smoothly and during the music, shows you all the parts and the most secluded places of her body. She would take the most audacious and depraved poses, and you can ask her to stand still in one of the poses during the peep show, so that you can enjoy the spectacle. Moving in this way, the the girl will smoothly slide to the floor or bed and you will witness her caress and games with your own body! In the classic program for men, the last part occurs without the help of intimate toys, however, you can check up with the girl before the massage if she can diversify the program with the “Toy” supplement . This will give you an even more interesting happy ending of the program and show you exactly what the girls are passionate about when they are alone at home. DESCRIPTION OF ADDITIONS Peep show is a program in St. Petersburg that every visitor should try! Take a shower before and after the peep show massage. If you have finished before paid time, be sure to have some tea or coffee. Relax and unwind in the girl’s company. Remember, before visit us you should sign up. Have a good rest and erotic pleasure! HOW TO SIGN UP RETURN TO PROGRAMS