Erotic massage in St. Petersburg


PEEP show

Intimate Peep show program

Expression of the “PEEP show” comes from the English word peep, which means spying. This is the essence of the program. It allows a man to peek and learn more about the intimate secrets of the girls. Believe me, every young beautiful girl has a lot of interesting secrets! Eroticism and savor during this amazing show will amaze even experienced men.

Peep show is a program which every visitor must experience! Watch her, change her poses, dream dirty about her! She takes the most dissolute and naughty poses…

The program will begin with a classical massage, where your muscles are warmed up from the back to the legs. This part will give you the opportunity to talk a little bit and move closer to a masseuse. It is also important for a girl to be able to reveal to you completely.

The show will start in the second half of the program, and it will be truly memorable moments. PEEP show is the most intimate spectacle that you saw! During the entire action a girl shows you all the parts and the most sexy places of her body. She takes the most dissolute and naughty poses, and you can ask her to stand still at some of the poses that you want to enjoy.

Moving slowly she will slip on the floor or bed, and you will witness her plays with her own body and her masturbation act! She will show you all hidden and yummy places of her body. As spectator you will be able to ask her to masturbate on her. She will be a helper for all your horny fantasies!

Usually, the last part goes without the help of intimate toys, but you can ask a masseuse before the PEEP show if she can do the program with such extra service because some girls simply love to penetrate them self. This will give you even more interesting ending of the program and show how a girl spends her free time when resting at home alone.

You will be able to take a shower before and after massage. If you are finished before the paid time, you can drink tea or coffee. Relax and enjoy the company of a girl. Last minutes you spend in salon are important after strong feelings you got on the Peep show.

Remember, you should book your massage 1-2 hours before to visit us. Have a nice relaxation!

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