Erotic massage in St. Petersburg


Erotic Massage “Mistress”

Mistress program

The Mistress program is ideal for those who love dominant girls. If you have long wanted to try something new in St. Petersburg, if you like harsh words, orders and complete submission – this program is for you! You will be the obedient slave of your mistress, you will live through tremulous and incredibly erotic minutes of complete submission, and for good behavior the “Mistress” will allow you to touch herself and kiss her legs.

If you are a bad boy, a whipping or other punishment awaits you. You yourself can choose any scenario of the game, and if some things are unacceptable for you, the girl will take this into account. You can also express your wishes, and play the most exciting scenario. Massage “Mistress” is a real flight of fancy!

Naughty boys will be punished!

When ordering this program for men, Mistress Massage in our salon in St. Petersburg, you can be sure that you will receive the expected pleasure fully, because our girls are experienced and know the rules of the game of domination. Leave out the shyness, here you can be the one that you want to be, release your desires at will, and the Mistress will give you an unearthly bliss. And to make the pleasure more complete, choose any supplement!

Try a massage for couples – a savory pleasure for you and your second half.

Call in advance, sign up for the program Madame-Mistress, and wait for a meeting with one of our powerful and gorgeous girls!

Have a nice holiday!

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