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My Beloved

Lingam massage with happy ending

Beloved is the Lingam massage program with happy ending which is very popular in our salon of erotic massage. It is intended to those who is visiting erotic massage for the first time. But do not worry, this program includes everything you need for complete relaxation, excellent rest and happy ending. Moreover, many of our regular guests choose only this course.

The beautiful naked girl caresses you and slides with her luxurious body on you. Massage goes in a separate room with the beautiful, sexual music. Masseuse is completely naked. Her young body is open for any contact and stroking.

The first half an hour of the program is dedicated to the classical massage, where a girl heats the muscles of your body, slowly, step by step. Masseuse will start from the back moving smoothly lower and lower. Classical part ends with the foot massage. You can ask the masseuse to pay more attention to any part of your body. Many people prefer to skip a legs massage, but focus on their neck and shoulders.

The second half an hour takes erotic massage. The beautiful naked girl caresses you and slides with her luxurious body on you. The beauty and intimacy of erotic massage part is hard to describe. This is something you must test by yourself, taken in to account each of our girls have their own special moves and techniques.

During the massage, you can caress a girl all around her body. Enjoy every curve of her perfectly shaped body and feel her elastic booty and tits. This is included in all our programs of erotic massage.

It allows you to forget about all the barriers and touch her even in her bikini zone, and if you like you can taste her vagina giving her oral pleasure. Most visitors take this extra.

Erotic part ends with the Lingam massage, which gives you complete relaxation and the highest point of pleasure with happy ending on a girl body.

Massage begins and ends with the shower. If you want to take a shower together with the girl, then please leave some tips (like 500 rub) and ask her to go with you. You can drink tea or coffee together with your girl. The program usually takes an hour. Even if you finished before a girl gladly spend the rest of the time with you and help you enjoy the feelings and beautiful moments after your happy end.

Remember, you should book your massage 1-2 hours before to visit us. Have a nice relaxation!

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