Erotic massage in St. Petersburg



Strap-on erotic massage program

Goddess, is a program for those who are looking for more refined sensations! Erotic massage with an intimate addition in the form of a strap-on for a man. It is in this program that you can realize your secret desire. And since you are in a massage parlor, you should not worry about the beauty, purity and care of the girls who will perform the program. They know very well how to do an erotic massage with such a spicy supplement (Erotic strap-on massage).

The most piquant pleasure for men! Do not limit yourself and do not be shy about your desires. It was for their disclosure that we created the Goddess program – an erotic massage with a strap-on and a continuation that will lead you into the world of tenderness and the brightest ecstasy. At the end of the massage you will feel as in paradise!

Do not give up the classic massage in this program. After all, you trust the girl with your most intimate secrets, which means that it will not harm to get this girl closer. A classic massage is the best thing for this.

If for the first time you try massage with a strap-on, be sure to tell about this to the girl, then she will be more tender with you and help you get the most complete pleasure. Remember that in no case should a strapon massage cause unpleasant sensations!

Remember that for a massage with a strap-on, you can visit us with your merchandise, namely with your intimate toy. This type of recreation (strapon massage) is very popular among men, but it requires caution and an individual approach. Perhaps you should prepare for this erotic massage at home.

Remember, before visit us you should sign up. Have a nice holiday!

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