Erotic massage in St. Petersburg


Mistress. Full service tantric massage.


Mistress is a full service tantric massage program for connoisseurs. For a men who came for VIP relaxation. This is the most popular program in our salon, because in addition to erotic massage a girl performs a number of techniques that makes a massage very close to the real love act.

Tantra massage course gives you not only erotic massage experience but also the feeling of sexual contact with the masseuse.

As usual the first half an hour will take classical massage. This allows a girl to warm up your body and, what is more important, to get closer and get to know each other. This is very important because next half an hour both of you will dive in a sexual pleasure!

Tantra massage course gives you not only erotic massage experience but also the feeling of sexual contact with the masseuse. The erotic part of the program will be complemented by most intimate moments and movements. Your feelings will be similar to those that a gentleman gets only with the most tender and luxurious mistress! Only she is able to give real care, tenderness and attention to make a dream from every movement you spend with her.

Techniques to be used by a masseuse, will be very close to the movements during the real sexual act. This allows you to experience the charm of real erotic massage. Like you saw it many times in erotic clips about NURU massage.

Extras, which are already included in this program will power up the pleasure and make all your dreams to be true!

Extra “Blowjob simulation” expand your program to oral sex simulation movements. Do you think it’s not possible? Believe me you will not forget this feeling. Even the Lingam massage fades into the background with this blowjob simulation.

Extra “On top riding” gives you feeling of real sex movements when a girl rides you on top. Masseuse will stimulate your penis with her perfect ass.

Be sure to experience the thrill of extra named “Milking”! This extra is not included but you can add it in to the program. This is a special Lingam massage technique, when a man kneels, and the masseuse caresses his Lingam from the back, bringing him to complete relaxation. A very popular extra service!

As in all our programs, you take a shower before and after massage. If you want to take a shower together with the girl, then please leave some tips (like 500 rub) and ask her to go with you. If you wish, you can drink of tea or coffee. Relax after emotions you received from the massage. Chat with a masseuse and spend the rest of time together with her.

Remember, you should book your massage 1-2 hours before to visit us. Have a nice relaxation!

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