Erotic massage in St. Petersburg



Additions for “YOUR CHOICE” program

Please note that some additions are not performed by all the girls. And this happen due to the complexity of the process. You should know in advance, before the start of the massage, that you have to check up with the girl if it is possible to include this or that add-on in the program of an erotic massage.


A kind of Lingam massage when a man kneels and allows a girl to make movements similar to milking. Very gentle and beautiful addition that opens up new sensations for men.


Variety of worshiping of female legs. You can caress, kiss and enjoy her legs as you please. Is permissible a discharge on the masseuse’s legs.


Fetish practice, implying a process of caressing and massaging the main male organ with the feet or toes of a masseuse. With the help of a footjob, a man has a very subtle and unusual erotic pleasure.


A lightweight BDSM add-on for those who like both slapping and spanking.

Golden rain:

The add-on in which the girl treats the guest with her own nectar. This add-on requires training. You should inform the operator about it in advance. It is carried out either in a bathroom, or on a special absorbent sheet.

Additional happyend:

You will be able to happy end more then one time.

Lesbian show:

Rub. price 1h: 3000
$ price for 1h: $ 41

This is paid addition. You will be able to invite one more girl on the massage and both masseuses will perform some really beautiful lesbian games. Two girls will show different degree of affection towards each other. This degree of caresses is very dependent on the girls and on you. This addition is often taken to the Sappho’s program. Please note that not all girls can provide this service.

Terms we use

Imitations or oral contact:

One of the most piquant supplements in which a girl imitates oral sex in the direction of a man. This is done with the help of a shoulder and the neck of masseuse. The sensations that you will experience will not differ in any way from real oral caresses.

Prostate massage:

Urological prostate massage. It is performed by inserting one or more fingers into the anus of a man. Drastically strengthens and sharpens the senses. The pleasure of prostate massage is incomparable with something else. The addition is useful as a prophylactic and enhances sexual desire.


Caress towards the man with the help of the intimate toy “Strapon”. You can come with your own toy of course.


The most sought-after add-on that allows a man to feel with the whole body the caresses of the masseuse. With light movements with all parts of her body, the girl touches the man, thereby delivering him a very subtle erotic pleasure. Naked body massage is suitable for any program, and always leaves a lasting impression.

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