Erotic massage in St. Petersburg


Double Pleasure

Erotic massage with two happy endings.

The “Double Pleasure” program is designed for those visitors who are looking for an exclusively erotic massage with a continuation without the classical part, and the ones that want to enjoy a Lingam massage twice in a row.

The entire hour of this program will be dedicated only to intimate massage, and you can reach the peak of pleasure more than once. In this mutual affection, which is included in the eromassage for men in St. Petersburg, you will enjoy the girl and thus you could caress her beautiful body.

Generally, an erotic massage with a continuation or prolongation is the name of the program that you so often see on video clips about erotic massage. But if you feel hard to do a second finish, then try to switch the roles and do the massage for a girl. It helps.

Before and after an erotic massage the girl will offer you to take a shower. As far as its concerned taking some tea and coffee, in this program it is better to ask it at the end of the first part.

Remember, before visit us you should sign up. Have a good rest and enjoyment of a great erotic massage!

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