Erotic massage in St. Petersburg



Erotic massage tenderness

This is perhaps one of the most sensual and tender programs in our salon, all because the girls themselves are enjoying a lot from male caresses during the show. And then what man does not want to deliver so much joy to a beautiful girl, caressing her most intimate places.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Goddess program – “An erotic massage with a strapon ”.

Sensual and gentle caress of the most secret corners of a female body

The program begins with a classic relaxing massage. The girl will gently touch your back, legs, arms, buttocks, relaxing your muscles and mind. When you completely relax, a beautiful girl, using special techniques and movements, will move on to more erotic and explicit caresses. Mutual massage is a very sensual and explicit action, as well as the mutual caresses are.

Our erotic massage necessarily includes caressing the bikini area. During the “Rose caresses” a girl will be wholly open to you, and you will be able to fully enjoy the look and taste of her most intimate charms. And after you decide to go further, some very special imitations of an oral sex will get you to the peak of pleasure. Generally, as you probably understood, it will be very hot and explicit! You will fully enjoy the erotic massage and you would like nearly for sure to visit us more than once!

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