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My Beloved

Beloved (Erotic Lingam Massage) is an erotic Lingam Massage and the main program in our erotic massage salon. It includes everything that a visitor needs for complete relaxation and an excellent resting. Massage takes place in a separate room, with great music. The masseuse will be completely naked. The erotic lingam massage is preceded by standard caresses. The first half of hour of the program is dedicated to a classical massage, where the girl warms up and kneads the muscles of your body step by step. The masseuse will start from the back, smoothly moving lower and lower. The classic part ends with a foot massage.
A beautiful, naked girl caress you and slides her amazing body over you.
The second half of hour takes the erotic massage. A beautiful, naked girl caresses you and slides her luxurious body over you. The beauty and piquancy of this part is difficult to describe in words. It is necessary to experience it yourself, especially since each of our girls has her own special movements and techniques. Lingam massage for men is one of our client’s favorite techniques. During the massage, you can caress the girl all over her body. Enjoy every bend of her and feel its elastic forms with your hands. This is called here “mutual caresses ” and are included in every one of our erotic massage programs. Lingham massage with continuation in St. Petersburg will allow you to experience really strong emotions that will impress everyone. Lingam massage with the mouth is not allowed, however, imitation of oral sex will give exactly the same sensations. DESCRIPTION OF ADDITIONS Ero massage ends directly with Lingam massage, which will allow you to achieve complete relaxation and the highest point of pleasure. A massage begins and ends with a shower. You can have a tea or coffee. The program is designed for an hour, and even if you finished earlier, the girl will be happy to spend the rest of the time with you and help you enjoy the sensations you received. Do not forget to take discount cards or stamp it if you already have such a business card.

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