Erotic massage in St. Petersburg


Couples massage

Erotic massage for couples is a piquant pleasure for you and your second half. An ideal way to update your relationship, bring something new and unforgettable, direct sexual energy to each other, brighten up everyday life and add variety to your personal life.
Take your relationship to a new erotic level.
This service will make you look at each other in a new way. Our charming masseuses will help you to plunge into the world of fantasy and pleasure. Trust our best masters, order an erotic massage for couples and our girls will not disregard your desires. Every married couple sometimes wants new sensations – and this program for sure will give it to you. DESCRIPTION OF ADDITIONS First, you will have a massage, bringing to the peak of the pleasure, then, at your own will, you can be leaved alone and given the opportunity to fulfill all your hidden desires that have arisen during the massage. Give the pleasure to our masters and they will make you enjoy! Such a holiday with a continuation will bind your family even more tightly. We launched a new program “Massage in 4 hands” – a massage with two girls is not just a show!

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Every couple at least once in their life should go to this program, designed specifically to further inflame the fire of passion between two close people. Remember, before visit us you should sign up. Have a nice holiday! We offer the highest quality and professional couples massage! HOW TO SIGN UP RETURN TO PROGRAMS