Erotic massage in St. Petersburg


SAPPHO. 2 girls massage with lesbian show!

Sappho program

Sappho program is named after the ancient Greek poet, whose work was full of love and passion. These words perfectly describe the four hands massage with two girls. Truly VIP rest for 100% pleasure.

Massage with 4 hands, is the embodiment of fantasies and desires of many men!

Even classic massage part of the program is intriguing. You will be covered with the bodies of two perfect naked girls. Each of them will care about a certain part of your body. You will be warmed not only with their movements, but also because of the view of two young and elastic bodies!

Erotic massage with two girls is not just a show. Massage with 4 hands, is the embodiment of fantasies and desires of many men!

Sappho poetry drew us pictures of both heterosexual and lesbian relationships. That is why this program has the addition extra named “Lesbian Show”. Include it in the program and you will enjoy the most intriguing sight of all men – lesbian games of two young teen masseuses. How dissolute will be these games depends on you. Gentle petting and stroking helps the girls to relax and enjoy each other.

Give yourself such dreamy relaxation. Believe me with a lesbian games and without them a massage with two beautiful girls will be a very memorable event for you!

If your program has ended before the paid time, spend the rest of it in a company of two young beauties. Drink tea or coffee.

Remember, you should book your massage 1-2 hours before to visit us. Have a nice relaxation!

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