St. Petersburg erotic massage service - "XM"

40$ per hour
City center and north: +7-921-997-6090 Two places. Many girls!


Chic female forms




167 sm

Breast size:

3 size

About Sandra

Sandra – is a new massage master, a talented and charismatic girl.

Sandra is an amazing girl. She is quite calm,polite and she always smiles !

But at the intimate photo shoot where I was, I saw her in a completely different way. She was very feminine and so sexy.

I just couldn’t look away from her beauty. What incredible forms she has! Rounded butt, hight lush chest of the second size. And at the same time she has a slim waist and long legs.

If you decide to choose her for the rest, don’t forget that u need to call an hour before the meeting.

When u will arrive to Sandra, u will be so enchanted by her. During a relaxing erotic massage, she will reveal her secret side for u and show all her lewdness and grace.

Be sure u need to visit her. This girl is a very interesting person in all relations.

After a rest with Sandra, you will forget about all ur problems and fatigue. She is like a breath of fresh air.

However, if u already know her, write a few kind words in her recall, she will be very pleased. Trust me, after that next time she will find a lot of ways to surprise you

Sandras selfie

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Sandra schedule

Starting from today

3/23(Sat) 3/24(Sun) 3/25(Mon) 3/26(Tue) 3/27(Wed) 3/28(Thu) 3/29(Fri)
11:00 ~ 0:00 - - - - - -

Book visit to Sandra

NORTH (Pionerskaya): 40$ per hour






Best words to say by phone:

Hello, I would like to visit Sandra in 1 hour (in 2, in 3 hours)…

Best SMS text to book Sandra:

Sandra in 1 hour (in 2, in 3 hours)…

If a girl has "Personal program" then I strongly recommend to choose it during your visit of her. This program is her most sexual self-expression!

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