Russian sex trip advices 3: Price for call girls in Russia

In a short term, remember, there is no good looking escort or call girls in St Petersburg for 2000-3000 rubles. This is a trap. Don’t fall in it.

To be honest, you can have sex for 2500 rubles per hour. And to be honest you even can invite such girl in to the hotel. BUT. But you know, what I will tell you next 🙂 2500 rubles is the price of old or bad looking girl, usually at her place which will be not her place but a small ugly salon.

The price of nice looking call girls in Saint-Petersburg start from 5000 rubles per hour! Except the erotic massage places where the basic massage with happy ending will cost you 2500 rubles and the girls will be really good.

239_iga-wyrwal-04-200x300The price of VIP escort girl in St Petersburg will start from 8000 rubles per hour. Sure, there is a discount for a long terms (two or more hours). A night with a good looking call girl will start from 15000 rubles. A night with VIP girl may start from 30000 and go up to 60 or even 1000000. Ready for this price? Then you don’t need this article 🙂

A lot of escort services provide nice girls starting from 10000 rubles per hour. Or around 20-30000 per day. Such girls will speak English very good. Or Japanese, or German. They will be dressed as a lady and behave in a same manner. I will tell you the truth, if you are lucky, then you will spend some really nice time in her company. Trust me 🙂 Some of them can show you all the cultural places of St Petersburg and even guide you in Hermitage. I’m not good in this by myself , but I know such girls.

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robin-modeling-nude-300x200As about erotic massage places like mine, the price usually will start from 2500 rubles. This is the basic erotic massage with some Tantric extensions and Lingam massage for happy ending. Girls of erotic massage salons are usually good looking. All the extras will cost you around 1000 rubles. For example a prostate massage or cunnilingus. A complete NURU massage which you saw many times on porn tubes will cost starting from 6000 per hour. Some places and some girls also provide sex during the massage, but this is her choice only and the price will start from 6000 rubles. The price of a sauna room will be around 3000 rubles per hour, but god point is you can rent it with your colleagues or friends.

Strip clubs are free to enter :), but price for drinks will be high. Twice higher than in restaurant. Girls there will dance around you all the evening like a bees and ask you for tips.

First advice: take a lot of 100 rubles notes! Just change about 3000 rubles somewhere. Don’t expect bartender will help you with 100 rubles notes, he will tell you that he has only 500’s 🙂

Second advice: Find a girl you really like, invite her to join your table and ask her to stay with you the whole evening. This will cost you around 5000-8000 rubles. It doesn’t mean she will be near you all the evening, but she will try to do her best AND SHE WILL DRIVE AWAY all other girls who is asking for tips :)!

Taking away a girl from a strip club and bring her to your hotel usually cost 15000 rubles. But she can ask 20 and even 30000. It’s your decision.

This is what you need to know about sex services prices in St Petersburg. As about Moscow, just add around 1000 rubles to all the prices. Relax, a girl, who is not intended much in to escort industry and just want to spend a good time and make some money will ask around 5000 rubles per one hour. And this is fear price for regular sex date.

Hope my tips will be helpful during your Russian sex trip. You can leave comments here and I will be happy to explain you more details.

Oh, by the way, beyond all the tits and girls, you are now in one of the most beautiful city in the world! I’ve done a short article for a travelers which will help you to overview the main sightseeing’s in Saint-Petersburg. Take a look and have a nice trip!

See you in Saint-Petersburg, yours Inna.


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Thanks for the tips.
I am hoping to rent nice 2 bedroom flat in central St Pete 11-22/05/15.
If you can offer a recommendation I will try reserve.


thanks for the tips!

planning to stay in st peterburgh in Rossiya hotel or PARK INN PULKOVSKAYA HOTEL.

can i ctc you to get a friendly escort and valuable for money. english speaking.

you can send her to my place right?


i want to realise my fetish and it is right place your saloon for realising it.did u made prostate massage and strapon for man and how was it and do you advice?for these you advice which girls.


Is it possible to visit your establishment and have two girls provide a prostate massage and golden showers for me?

If you can tell me the price in rubles please- for two hours. Thank you.

Thank you


What is this golden shower. i do not understand. I will be at your place on 11th september, 2015 surely.