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Let me give you some advises from my own experience about sex and escort services in Russia.

As a traveler and a girl which is involved into adult industry I know the troubles you may face when you come up with the idea to relax with a “Russian girl”. My name is Inna and I will try to help you with your sex date in Russia.

una-europa-dividida-por-spanish-claudia-12-300x200I put “Russian girl” words into commas because many foreign guys have a lot of fantasies about sexy Russian females in general and Russian models who work in porn industry especially. Some of our visitor’s illusion is that Russia is a cheap (economy class) sex trip country.

That being said, let’s admit that generally, if we consider the whole Russia, which is a really huge country, it’s true. But you are now in Moscow or in Saint-Petersburg. Both cities are capitals (one is official, the second is considered the cultural capital). And both are expensive. Of course, the price of gas and food is all right, but when we talk about services, especially about good services, then I’d rather say, both cities are expensive.

Great, so you decided to spend some time with a Russian girl or in a company of some Russian girls. First of all, please remember, that all the girls in Russia are a little bit haughty in a good meaning of this word. Don’t take me wrong, it’s not like they are some bitches. No way! I talk about all kind of girls, and whether they are normal girls or call girls it doesn’t meter. And they love a gentle courting!

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Always be a gentleman while having a date, even with a call girl. You can behave yourself anyway during the sex, but always be nice before it and try to be as clever as possible. Also remember a simple rule: in Russia a girl never pays anywhere. So, if you plan to go to a restaurant, the bill is yours. You can react with so many “Pfffs” as you want to, and be outraged about this issue, but this is the way it works in Russia.

Yes, it’s true that most of the girls in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow like foreign men. As far as I am concerned, I just feel that they are more friendly and they can tell me some interesting stories about their country. The idea to win a jackpot (marriage) with a foreign man is not really popular now a day. Most of such stories end as bad as in a boring novel. But, who knows… there are exceptions of course.

The English language level is still bad enough in Russia. (Take a look on this post :)). Most of the girls know it a little bit, but they are too shy to speak. Some of the high class and expensive escort girls are speaking English, but the price in this case shall be high. I really recommend you to speak slowly if you want to be sure she understands you when she doesn’t assent. If you found a girl with a good English level, try to keep up that relation! Be clever and make her your regular mistress for all the next visits.

When we talk about usual Russian girls, there is no first, second or third date universal rules that works in Russia. Forget about it. Girls here will sleep with you if they want it so. Even within one hour during the first meeting. The most important issue is your behavior, but not the rules. Would you have a dinner in a restaurant with me? YES YOU CAN ask me that. How should you ask? I don’t know. In my case I will just “play my card” after your question and go with you, or gently say no. You are here for a short trip and a Russian girl understand this fact. She knows you may fly away tomorrow.

As a rule, try always to be nice! Flowers are sold here everywhere, so don’t hesitate to buy flowers for her. Is she already your mistress? Next visit, bring her a gift. This visit, buy her some middle price jewelry (a Swarovski one is enough for the first time). Is she your one time escort? Flowers and tips. Is she just a call girl? Champagne in your room and a nice breakfast if she is still there. Those tricks are not new, just remember about it. Your time with a girl will be as good as good is her mood. BTW, girls from erotic massage services also love flowers and they also eat candies :).

Are you in your hotel and try to find a girl? Read my next post.

You can ask whatever questions in the comments, and I’ll be happy to answer! Yours, Inna.


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