Russia, Saint-Petersburg night live

Olesya, 19, 166 cm, Breast B

Russia, Saint-Petersburg night live

Age: 19 Height: 166 Breast: B
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Olesya is a young and beautiful masseuse. She’s 19 years old. She does not have much experience. Everyone who used her services was delighted. She’s a beautiful girl. He is very gentle and sensual masseuse. Talented.

Recently I asked her to do a light back massage for me, without eroticism. I can recommend it to others, because she is a masseuse with a wonderful relaxing technique. Delicate hands give an unforgettable pleasure. She tries to find an approach to each client.

She is a very harmonious girl. She has big eyes, tender skin, silky hair. She has long and slender legs, a tall, strong and rather, big breasts; and an elastic priest. You can see in the photos that Olesya is actually magnificent.

Despite modesty, after 15 minutes at the photo session the masseur Olesya began to reveal herself. Her postures became more relaxed, and the movements more sensual. I think she is passionately behaving in a room with visitors. Several of her regular customers are very praising her. They say that it is natural and sexy. I think you will be delighted with her massage technique. Deliver yourself this pleasure in St. Petersburg and sign up for a sexy masseuse for erotic massage.

She will give real live communication and naturalness.


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Visit Olesya (39 USD)

You have to book before to visit!





SMS me an hour before to visit Olesya.
SMS text example: "Olesya, OZERKY. In 1 hour?"

If a girl has "Exclusive program" then I strongly recommend to choose it during your visit of her. This program is her most sexual self-expression!

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Despite her slim figure, I was pleasantly surprised by how powerful and relieving her hands could be. She’s very talented in it knowing various techniques to fully relieve tension and make guest feel comfortable. A very good one, it was indeed.


I had a session with Olesya before 3 days. I was surprised to see her power to massage. She used her fingers, thumb, knuckles and arms to massage me. I had massage in other countries and with various girls but first time I realized that knuckles can be used for good massage and because it directly apply pressure on several points of muscle so it relieve tension and stiffness. She has a innocent face and very beautiful body. She really has a stunning, attractive and flawless body. God gifted her great talent of massage. I am very happy with the… Read more »


Thank you Olesia for a fine evening. I was the 90 minute foreigner. You were great, I have enjoyed your services totally.


Olesia, I would love to spend more time with you. To caress every inch of you again. Your lovely firm body and deliciously soft nipples. I have now returned home, but you are still on my mind. I will definitely call if I get back to StP. I quietly hope you enjoyed my company too.