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40$ per hour
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Nice blonde, with playful curls. A joyfull and superpositive girl!




175 sm

Breast size:

2 size

About Rita

Is there not enough positive and new erotic feelings in your life? Than urgently come to our Rita! A sweet blonde, sensual, mischievous, with playful curls would create a paradise for you, inviting you to a real erotic adventure! Rita gets the real pleasure to strapon to men and does a prostate massage, also she performs the strong classic part of massage.

Rita stood out among the other girls at once! And not only because of the unusual appearance. She is a cheerful and superpositive girl, always in a good mood, and which always is finding a reason for a smile. However, it can be both passionate and dominant, sweet and gentle. Performs a fetish program, strap-on and urology. If you finally decided to try something out of this program, be sure to go to Rita as she knows the scores.

In communication she is courteous, first of all she looks at the wishes and tastes of the client. But she can also offer something new. She have an unusually appealing face, you will not feel uncomfortable as her benevolence really comes from a great heart.

At the photo session, Rita behaved naturally, as a confident girl she is. She took frank poses, was not averse to experiment and play on, showing her playfulness.

So, if you love blondes, games and pranks, just call us and sign up for Rita. She will not leave you indifferent, and an erotic fairy tale from this positive blonde you will remember for life!

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If a girl has "Personal program" then I strongly recommend to choose it during your visit of her. This program is her most sexual self-expression!

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