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About Regina

Cute and beautiful girl with an excellent figure and graceful aristocratic features – it is our model Regina. This masseuse is a real “mixture” of an angelic appearance and devilish relaxedness and spontaneous. Passionate for eromassage, her the most favorite addition is facesitting and footfetish!

We often make a photo shoots for the girls to replenish their portfolio. So, looking at Regina, you can say that all of her movements – this is a real game. She is so fascinated by the process of the photo shoots that instantly transforms from a calm and modest girl into a viciously passionate beast. Regina has been working with us for a long time, during this time she became a mega-experienced masseuse of our salon. The girl has her own client base and, of course, the clients leave feedback about her work. Thanks to these reviews we can say that our masseuse-model Regina owns the ideal professional technique of intimate massage. All men are delighted with her massage so they want come back to this girl again and again. Doesn’t it a true confession of professionalism? Our Regina found her mission in erotic massage and without confusion fully enjoys this process, giving a pleasure to every client.

If you come in our salon not only for a stunning erotic massage, but also want to enjoy the company of a beautiful girl, then you should definitely choose Regina. She is intelligent, well educated and able to support communication on almost any topic. Many clients consider this girl an ideal choice, since she can not only give you paradisiacal pleasure, but also be a good conversationalist for you.

This time spent with Regina, will be unforgettable for you. Just one hour with Regina and you will be able to discover the most intimate aspects of your soul and probably be surprised by the new kind of enjoyment that your body can have.

In the process of erotic massage Regina will try to treat you gently and carefully, but only until she feels that your body is ready for new uncharted pleasures. And then you will have a true erotic extravaganza!

Call to us and make the reservation on an erotic massage from an amazing masseuse Regina. We can confidently say that after just one session of her massage you will definitely become our regular customer.

Regina’s selfie

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Personal program

Made personally by the girl

  • Passionate and bright Regina has chosen a particularly sweet program …

Imagine how erotic the girl with strawberries and whipped cream looks? Some of these shots can cause an irresistible erotic desire, not to mention such a scenario in real with you. I’m sure that such a sensual prelude, as eating cream from the most intimate areas of the nude body of a partner could drive any man crazy!

Whipped cream on the hot body – what could be better? But that’s not all … the girl will help you relax and get maximum pleasure using an elegant brush with soft, light feathers in your most sensual zones, than in times will enhance your sensations from the message. Regina literally makes you tremble with ecstasy and lust then you will remember for a long time!

Come to taste the sweetest program of our most delicious girl!

Classical massage

Erotic relaxation

Cream show

Massage with feathers

Caresses of a rose

Ablutions in a shower

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If a girl has "Personal program" then I strongly recommend to choose it during your visit of her. This program is her most sexual self-expression!

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