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40$ per hour
City center and north: +7-921-997-6090 Two places. Many girls!


Very sweet and courteous beauty!




160 sm

Breast size:

4 size

About Mila

Very sweet and courteous beauty, madly in love with our guests. An incredibly gentle girl. She use to surround a man with concern and attention, so being with her you’ll forget about everything. She’s able to make each guest feel like the very center of the universe.

She has a bright appearance, magnificent chest, and gorgeous thighs. It will appeal to those who love girls with a feminine and magnificent body, and everything she has is placed in the proper place. She have very sensitive breasts, and Mila admitted that she really likes the caresses of this particular part of the body.

During the photo shoot, Mila behaved naturally, easily and informally. While being alone with a guest, she is never shy, though keeping her innocence. Mila is ready for experiments, she likes to give and have pleasure. In the erotic massage technique, she quickly achieved success. She works with us quite recently, but I have already received a few laudatory reviews about her.

Mila takes care about herself in a quite a spectacular way, she likes to go to spa salons. Oh yes, she is a really well-groomed girl. Her beautiful long blonde hair attracts attention. In addition, she has a wonderful character.

Mila is good-natured, kind, affectionate and loves her guests very much. For each one, she will find the right words that will make you feel free and relax. Being with her, you will always find support and approval.

With Mila, you will rest both: in body and soul. Her luxurious breasts will make you fantasize about a new meeting for a long time, imagining your way to caress it together with other parts of her body. The way Mila’s tender fingers will flit on your back, legs, buttocks and other sensitive places is unforgettable.

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