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Very young and cute blonde!




165 sm

Breast size:

2 size

About Melissa

Very young and cute blonde, with a calm and quiet personality. Having an incredible femininity, she is agreeable to talk to and very diligent.

Melissa is a kind of our angel girl. Very pretty, slim, with a sweet face. She has a beautiful elastic butt and slender legs. Melissa is our new masseuse, she recently came to our salon and only takes the first steps in this art and knowledge of the sensual pleasures of an erotic massage. However, I want to praise her, as thanks to her diligence she is achieving great progress. I have already received the first reviews of her great jobs.

So, one day I could appreciate the temperament of this girl during a photo session. It turns out that this modest girl knows how to be very relaxed and even in some way slutty. Her poses were hot, and even the photographer was surprised, as her angelic appearance did not imply such a passionate nature.

I guess in a separate room for a massage she would behave not less relaxed.

As I wrote above, the girl is trying hard to please her guests, which means you can be sure that she will be listening to your every fancy wish. She is good-natured, sweet and courteous. Next to her, whomever man would feel special.

The important fact is that the girl not only gives affection and caresses but also gets pleasure for herself. And since Melissa does not hide her emotions, you will immediately feel it deeply.

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If a girl has "Personal program" then I strongly recommend to choose it during your visit of her. This program is her most sexual self-expression!

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