St. Petersburg erotic massage service - "XM"

40$ per hour
City center and north: +7-921-997-6090 Two places. Many girls!



On this page you can see photos of all the girls that work in our salon. Each of them is beautiful and unique, and they will do an erotic massage for you gladly. They are all young and nice company ladies, and each one has its own flavor.

As you can see, our team is quite big. Everyone can choose a girl according to his taste – whether it is a blonde, brunette or red-haired. Here, in our massage salon, there are many charming women with big and beautiful breasts, but there are also slender girls, so called the first size ones. But whatever beauty you choose, they are all young and well-groomed.

Our massage salon is a relax place, therefore only girls who love to do erotic massage work for us. These masseuses are emancipated and they really enjoy the process. Great experience, good technique and courtesy – that’s the trick which distinguishes a company lady of our salon. Coming to us, you can safely relax, leaving all your problems behind the door of the salon, and our girls will do everything necessary by oneself. Immerse yourself in their warm embrace after a hard day, and you will feel refreshed and ready to move mountains.

All our girls are doing their best hardly while recieving visitors for massage. Many of them have personal experience, but despite this, they constantly learn, trying new techniques and methodology like elements from Thai massage, Japanese and others. Each of them has its own trick and secrets concerning how to give the greatest pleasure to a man, and I guess that every sound man would be interested to find out what is it about. If you don’t like to change your masseuse too often and you are satisfied with just one of them, you can be a regular client of any of our charmer. We will arrange it. Is good to say that to our regular customers that our young lady being so kind have special feelings, so try not to disappoint them be any means.

Do not hesitate! Visit us at any time, even if you just have a free hour. Do not forget to call us in advance – for an hour or two before the proposed visit. On the phone you can clarify which of the girls is working at that precise moment, and what program performs.

Grant yourself an unusual relax among the most beautiful masseuses in St. Petersburg. You will definitely adore it, and then hopefully you will come back to us more than once.

Massage parlour on Petrogradskaya Street

Masseuses on Petrogradskaya



Massage parlour on pionerskaya

Masseuses on pionerskaya


Massage parlour on Begovaya street

Masseuses on Begovaya