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About me

My name is Liana, and I’ll try to tell you a little bit about myself, thus I may interest you. I’m a sports girl, I love to go to the gym, I like dancing and walking, and I’m having generally a sports lifestyle.
I love fashion and stylish clothes and I adore traveling. The best holiday for me is the shopping. I also like to go to the cinema, listen to some music, always trying to visit various exhibitions, in order to be aware of all the events in the city. I love to do erotic massage. I’m active, sociable, I like to have a good conversation. Affectionate and gentle in a relationship, while I adore flirting and receiving compliments. I’m inspired by the attention of men, and I like to surprise and inspire them. I like men without complexes, as well as those who like to enjoy life. I respect those who are not only for their pleasure but also about the pleasure of the partner.

Liana’s selfie

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