Erotic massage in St. Petersburg


About Leya

Age: 20
Height: 165 cm
Breast cup: C

Leya is a nice young girl with beautiful breasts and pleasant forms. She is very pretty and gentle. She came to our salon just recently. She has little experience, but she tries. The girl quickly learns the science of erotic massage.

She has some good reviews. I think she has a great future in erotic massage.

If you are looking for a young masseuse with a beautiful big breast, take the time to relax with Leya. She will massage you, entertain with conversation. The girl likes to flirt, and this is incredibly exciting.

Leya has luxurious forms. She has a tall and magnificent chest, a thin waist, slender legs and a magnificent priest. All this can be seen in the photo, but I can assure you that in life everything looks the best.

Leya did not have a professional photo shoot. She looks good on amateur photography. She has a good temper. She is a little shy, but her nature is insatiable and passionate.

Come to Leya. You will relax and enjoy an erotic massage. Masseuses with big breasts are very skillful, and Leya is one of the best.

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Her 4 days schedule

9/21(Sat) 9/22(Sun) 9/23(Mon) 9/24(Tue) 9/25(Wed) 9/26(Thu) 9/27(Fri)
11:00 ~ 17:00 - - - - - -

You may call and sign up in front.

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Leya is available near Begovaya subway. North of the city.
Take a look on exact address.

Book you visit at least one hour before.

By phone:
Using chat:

Please check the girl schedule above and make sure she works the day you want to come.

Best words when you call:
I want to visit Leya near Begovaya subway at (tell us time you want to come). Is she available?
Our opeartor will answer you if the girl can meet you or tell you another time she is available. Once you come to address call us again if you can`t find the appartment.
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