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About Inna

Age: 25
Height: 168 cm
Breast cup: C

Not sure what to say about myself. Just a good masseuse. Mostly work “just for fun” with my regular customers. That is why each of my sessions are catchy. I’m trying to dive each visitor in to the real erotic dream.

If you really want to visit me, please remember that I don’t have any schedule. It is better to call or ask operator using chat if “Inna is available”. Also, please note that I prefer to do my own personal program which price is little bit higher.

Her 4 days schedule

2/28(Fri) 2/29(Sat) 3/1(Sun) 3/2(Mon) 3/3(Tue) 3/4(Wed) 3/5(Thu)
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You may call and sign up in front.

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Sign up to Inna

Inna is available near Petrogradskaya subway. Close to city center.
Take a look on exact address.

Book you visit at least one hour before.

By phone:
Using chat:

Please check the girl schedule above and make sure she works the day you want to come.

Best words when you call:
I want to visit Inna near Petrogradskaya subway at (tell us time you want to come). Is she available?
Our opeartor will answer you if the girl can meet you or tell you another time she is available. Once you come to address call us again if you can`t find the appartment.

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