St Petersburg Russia sex escort

Inna, 19, 168 cm, Breast B

St Petersburg Russia sex escort
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It’s me! The one with whom you are talking by phone and with whose tweeter you read 🙂 Don’t want to write much about myself. I can only say that I work all 3 places: Pionerskaya, Petrogradskaya and Zvenigorodskaya stations. It’s not work for me and I receive guests only when I want. Like a cat, I work only when I’m in a right mood :). And my mood is often playful 😉

Photos taken in a different places.

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4/24(Wed) 4/25(Thu) 4/26(Fri) 4/27(Sat) 4/28(Sun) 4/29(Mon) 4/30(Tue)
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Visit Inna (44 USD)

In our OZERKY place.
You have to book before to visit!





SMS me an hour before to visit Inna.
SMS text example: "Inna, OZERKY station. In 1 hour?"

If a girl has "Exclusive program" then I strongly recommend to choose it during your visit of her. This program is her most sexual self-expression!

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Hi Inna. I liked ur 1st tip about sex in St Petersburg. I find it so true, although never been there. Am intending to visit russia. I was planning for november but then i thought it will be too cold so may be next march or april. One thing am sure if is that i need to c u. U seems nice and we can do sight seeing together. Take care