Erotic massage extra services

Please note that some girls do not do some extras. This is because of extra complexity. You should ask a girl before the massage. A girl should clarify whether it is possible to include the extra to the program of erotic massage.

Please keep in mind that extras belong to programs and they can be ordered only inside this program.

Extras you can add in to program


Hour: 1000 · 90m: 1000 · Two h: 1500
The most popular extra. Gives you ability to caress a girl even in her bikini zone and if you want you can eat her vagina to give her extra pleasure! You can taste the delicate pussy of a young and model looking girl. Remember that the standard program include touching everywhere except the bikini area.

Lesbian show:

Hour: 1000 · 90m: 1000 · Two h: 1500
Two girls will show the real lesbian games. Help them to relax and feel comfortable and they will give you the most exciting show you ever saw!

Golden Rain:

Hour: 1000 · 90m: 1000 · Two h: 1000
Extra in which a masseuse treats you with her golden nectar. This extra requires additional preparation. You have to inform the operator about it this extra during your booking. Performed either in the bathroom or on a special absorbent sheets.

Face sitting:

Hour: 500 · 90m: 500 · Two h: 500
Extra in which a girl can sit on your face. It performed nude or in clothes. Possible easily and careful strangulation.


Hour: 500 · 90m: 500 · Two h: 1000
Very popular position for Lingam massage. A man is on his knees and allows a girl to make movements similar to milking. Very gentle and beautiful extra that opens a new experience for the man. Also, very popular!

Foot fetish:

Hour: 500 · 90m: 500 · Two h: 1000
Variety of female legs worshipping. You can caress, kiss and sniff her legs. Includes happy ending on a masseuse legs.


Hour: 500 · 90m: 1000 · Two h: 1000
Spanking is done by hand or belt. The strength of the whipping depends on the willingness of men.

Extras from programs

Blowjob simulation:

One of the most intimate extras! A girl will simulate oral sex. This is done using a shoulder and neck. The feeling that you experience will not differ from the real blowjob. More to say, many visitors agree that feelings are more powerful!

Prostate massage:

A masseuse will use one or more fingers into your anus to massage your prostate. Dramatically enhances all the feelings. Pleasure during the prostate massage is incomparable to anything else. In addition it is good to increase libido and empower your sexual live.

Strapon (pegging):

A young and beautiful looking girl will satisfy you with the strapon sex toy. You can come with your toy.