Erotic massage in St. Petersburg


GODDESS program


Goddess is a program for those who are looking for more sophisticated feelings! It includes everything what a gentlemen require for a good sexual relaxation. In this program you will be able to perform all your secret desires and BDSM fetishes. And since you are in the massage parlor, you should not worry about the beauty, purity and care of girls who will perform the program.

…all your secret desires and BDSM fetishes.

The first thing you need to do is select one of the extras. Without them, this program is empty and meaningless. You can select one or more extras.

Do not skip the classical massage in the program. You trust to a girl your most intimate secrets, and classical massage allows both of you to get more close to each other. Classical massage will make you more comfortable.

Remember that for included extra service “Strapon (pegging)”, you can visit us with your own sex toy. We have one, but size is important in that case. This type of relaxation is very popular among men, but requires care and gentle approach.

Some men like to add extra service “Golden rain” in to this program. Remember you should inform the operator in advance (during your booking), so that a girl had time to prepare for it. This extra is performed in the bathroom or on the bed, lying on absorbent diaper.

Extra service “Face sitting” can be performed naked or in clothes. This should be discussed with a girl before the massage.

Do not limit yourself and do not hesitate to your desires. We have created this program specially to help our visitors to experience new feelings! Open your mind and dive in to world of pleasure.

Remember, you should book your massage 1-2 hours before to visit us. Have a nice relaxation!

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