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Emilia: sexy erotic massage from a beautiful masseuse




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2 size

About Emilia

Our Emilia is a graceful, slender and very beautiful masseuse. She is very proud of her body, because it is perfect in all sense. Luxurious forms, velvety skin, long legs and an ideal breast size, coupled with a charming smile – this is our Emilia.

If you will choose this girl, you will not definitely regret about it. Although she works with us not so long ago, she knows exactly how to treat a man in order to kindle a fire of passion.

Emilia has a professional massage technique. Using her skillful fingers, she brings the client to the condition of full relaxation, then begins her erotic game – believe me, you will have a real delight and pleasure. There was no such man in our salon that could hold yourself after touching the skillful hands of Emilia and not wanting more.

As we said before, Emilia works with us not so long ago, but she has already a lot of regular customers; they are adore this girl and claim that she is incredibly beautiful and sweet. At the same time the masseuse is divine not only during a piquant action, but also in the usual communication with her clients. Emilia is always ready to listen her clients and get to know their problems, she understands how is important such help for them, therefore always ready to provide it.

The way she moves, during the photo sessions, showing off her appetizing forms, drives the people around crazy. And despite the fact that the photographer had seen a lot of seductive half-naked girls during his work, sometimes it seems that he can no longer continue the photo shooting with Emilia.

Are you tired of city bustling and a hard working day? Are you tired of being in constant stress and solve the household and business problems? Then take the time for the relaxing and erotic relaxation – come to the salon and get the massage from Emilia. We advise you to make a reservation before, this, in turn, will not make you to wait until this girl will be free. And be sure – in the hands of Emilia you will feel the paradise pleasure, and in the future become her regular customer.

Selfi of Emilia

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Personal program

Made personally by the girl

  • Peep Show with a toy from Emilia begins with a dance during a slow erotic music. The girl in a smooth movement fascinates you and gradually moves to the bed, where during the play she will caress herself and show you the most intimate and important thing…

A cute young girl pleases herself, entertaining you with this issue. She has a beautiful sexy body, young firm breasts, charming buttocks, fervent lustful eyes … Seductively smiling to you, she knows what a strong desire she is for a man that is sitting in front of her, and she would tease you tirelessly, satisfying herself with a special toy. Believe me, she will enjoy your show and your reaction for a long time, and then help you relax.

This show is so fascinating that it’s impossible to look away … Come to the individual program of Emilia, and you will see everything by yourself.

Erotic massage with relaxation

Peep Show with that toy pointing to the girl

Caresses of a rose

Ablutions in a shower

Emilia schedule

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Hello, I would like to visit Emilia in 1 hour (in 2, in 3 hours)…

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If a girl has "Personal program" then I strongly recommend to choose it during your visit of her. This program is her most sexual self-expression!

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