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170 sm

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2.5 size

About Elya

The new masseuse is young, charming and passionate. She is cheerful, positive, sociable, compassionate girl who always finds a common ground with people. She is studying sexology at the same time.
Elua is new to erotic massage. She is not highly experienced, with an incredibly beautiful booty, legs and gorgeous breasts. The girl is really feminine and graceful. If you have a free hour, be sure to visit Elua. You will definitely be thrilled about her erotic massage. Many of our guests decide to become her regular customers. Elua may become totally uninhibited. She is such a pleasure to be around. Elua is easy to talk to. A man will feel as the center of the universe next to her. Due to her bubbly personality, respectful attitude and suave temperament, she quickly finds an approach to any guest. All the fatigue, business and personal problems, sadness and worries will simply dissolve under her tender fingers. Elua will make you forget about everything when you are with her! As you can see in her photos, her figure is very seductive. Feminine forms, round and rather big butt, thin waist, high and magnificent chest. After resting with Elua, you will feel full of strength and energy.

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If a girl has "Personal program" then I strongly recommend to choose it during your visit of her. This program is her most sexual self-expression!

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