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About my massage parlor

About “XM” parlor The customer should be always happy Our Lingam erotic massage in St. Petersburg is a mean to diversify the intimate life of a couple. That’s why lovers come to us so often. Please, have a look at our site carefully. It has enough info for both, for experts in the erotic massage, and … Read more

Saint-Petersburg bridge raising schedule for 2019

Most of the beautiful bridges in Saint-Petersburg are raised during the night. It is important to know the time when every bridge is raised, otherwise you will have to stay in the one bank of the Neva river for a long time. If that’s happening to you, then I recommend you to return to one … Read more

How to book erotic massage in St. Petersburg

Visiting XM parlor We don’t consider previous booking (like more than 4-5 hours before) without confirmation 1 hour before the visit. The only exception is early time bookings (before 1 pm). In case of early time bookings, you have to book one day before (evening), and that’s because our operators sleep till 1 pm after … Read more