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About Angelika

Angelika is a courteous, gentle, calm and feminine girl. That girl always smiles , she’s pleasant in communication and very diligent. Angelika tries to predict all the wishes of the guests every time.

Our masseuse is very pretty, slim. She has chic shapes and a beautiful face, also a great figure, elastic butt and slender legs. Angelica is our new masseuse, a lot for her for the first time, but she is trying very hard and making progress. She has a nice relaxing classic massage and a very sensual erotic part. Soon the girl will prepare her individual program, and you can plunge into the world of sensual pleasures from Angelica.

Despite the outward calm, the temperament of the girl is quite passionate. This timid girl knows how to be relaxed and she’ s not shy with men at all. At the photo shoot, she behaved relaxedly and confidently. I think although in a separate room for a massage, masseuse will have the same behavior.

However, the girl is trying very hard to please her guests , she always has an individual approach for each person. Angelika is always in a good mood, and she finds an approach to each of her guests through natural nature and openness. So, it is very nice to spend time with her.

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Personal program

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1.5 HOUR

  • Each session of erotic massage begins and ends with a shower with a masseuse. Our dear Angelika decided to make a real erotic adventure, and so, she included a foam massage in her program …

What is it? This is a sensual bathing of a man with a naked female body with a plenty of foam. The girl caresses you very erotic and sexy, bringing to … a delightful finale! I think many men had fantasies on this subject, and now, finally, you can turn them into reality. Just imagine – a naked female body which is under an abundance of aromatic foam will slide over you, lingering in certain places, and cause quite certain fabulous desires that are completely fulfilled. You will be able to satisfy them twice, not only in the shower, but also during the main program of an eromassage .

Angelika washes all your intimate areas with her tender fingers. She relaxes you and prepares for a massage in the room, during that you can re-soothe the storm of emotions. Be sure to come to Angelika and I guess, you will be very pleased with the chosen of a program.

Come to taste the sweetest program of our most delicious girl!





Angelika schedule

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9/22(Sun) 9/23(Mon) 9/24(Tue) 9/25(Wed) 9/26(Thu) 9/27(Fri) 9/28(Sat)
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Bolshevikov subway: 40$ per hour

Kollontay st. ADDESS





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If a girl has "Personal program" then I strongly recommend to choose it during your visit of her. This program is her most sexual self-expression!

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