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40$ per hour
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Not just a beautiful girl, but also a clever one!




159 sm

Breast size:

3.5 size

About Alena

Alena is not just a beautiful girl, but also a clever one! It’s so pleasant to relax and talk with her. Already being fluent in English, she’s learning French. A real treasure!

Affectionate, gentle, you will definitely want to return to her. Very feminine body, soft lines, gentle bends. Beautiful lush breasts. She loves to learn new things to do, so she mastered eromassage very quickly. But Alena does not stop at this stage – her skills are constantly being improved. This girl loves experiments.

Externally, she is very attractive. She has a beautiful and lush chest that is big enough, at the same time being quite sensitive.

In addition, like any intelligent woman, Alena is a confident one. She knows all her strengths in terms of erotic massage and skillfully uses those tricks. The most revealing movements, the most gentle strokes, and the most sensitive touches she will apply exactly when you most want it. The girl is easily adapt herself to each guest and feels intuitively what kind of caress is appropriate at that moment.

As for the photo shoot, Alena behaved calmly and confidently, being sure that those pictures would be great. The photo was practically not polished up, and that’s because the girl already looks cool from any angle.

It will appeal to those who don’t want to see near them just a beautiful face and slender figure. Is a smart girl with a high intellect, which will be able to entertain you not only with her skillful caresses and various techniques of eromassage, but also with a delightful conversation.

Call and sign up for Alena. I remind you to do it better at least 1 hour before the intended meeting so that the girl would be ready for you.

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NORTH (Begovaya subway): 40$ per hour






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If a girl has "Personal program" then I strongly recommend to choose it during your visit of her. This program is her most sexual self-expression!

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