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About my massage parlor

About “XM” parlor

The customer should be always happy

Just wanted to say hello and thank you for your interest. If you see the posts with my photo on top, then it is something written by my self (and corrected by better English speaker :). Welcome to my parlor. Below is general information to navigate faster and choose the girl you want.

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Always call or message us at least 1 hour before you want to come.

Exact addresses
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Best words when you call:
I want to visit PETROGRADSKAYA or PIONERSKAYA subway parlor at (tell us time you want to come).

If a phone call is expensive for you OR your English is not good, please use SMS to book your visit. It is very simple. Write a place and time when you want to visit.

SMS examples for 2 our places:
PETROGRADSKAYA or PIONERSKAYA subway parlor at (tell us time you want to come)?

Operator will answer you if this time is open for visit.

Our Lingam erotic massage in St. Petersburg is a mean to diversify the intimate life of a couple. That’s why lovers come to us so often.

Please, have a look at our site carefully. It has enough info for both, for experts in the erotic massage, and for those who want to come for the first time.

In the sections of photos, you will find images of our masseuses made by our photographers. As you can see, absolutely all the girls who work with us deserve the highest praise. Our team consists just of the residents of our city. All of them are young, good-looking and the most important is that they are very friendly and cordial.

Have a look at all girls

We do not hide their beauty behind professional photos and specially created a section where our girls, that are doing erotic massage, show their private photos made by the simple smartphones. This is an excellent proof of how beautiful they all are.

Private photos

On the site, you will find separate pages explaining step by step how to make an appointment for an erotic massage, how to find us and pages about what is an erotic massage for couples or women.

Our salons are located near the metro in the convenient areas of the city. If you want to get into an erotic massage in the Primorsky region , then our salon of erotic massage at Pionerskaya will suit you perfectly. For residents of the Petrogradsky district and the city center, our parlor of erotic massage at Petrogradskaya will be more convenient.

Addresses of XM parlor

Erotic massage videos , which are published on the site, and which will help you to understand the intricacies of the massage and better understand the procedure, if you have never gone to an erotic massage before. These videos will help you to find out some secrets about the erotic massage and even how to do an erotic massage at home for your beloved or loved one.

The massage programs are created so that could cover the needs of any visitor. You will find over there any additions, ranging from erotic prostate massage and ending with a more refined erotic massage with its continuation in the types of various Japanese and Thai techniques.

Check all our programs

Some girls provide their own and individual massage programs. These programs are made by the girls themselves in private, based on their personal skills. If you feel attraction to a girl who has a similar program, then I highly recommend choosing exactly her. On an individual program, you will get maximum sexual relaxation and enjoyment.

Personal programs

Erotic massage for women is not performed by all the girls, however, if you are a woman, then in the masseuses’ gallery you can see which of these beauties is ready to receive you. These girls are able to do massage to women, they know what kind of erotic massage of the breast is the best and most importantly, they are doing it happily, giving you strong sexual sensations.

I really hope that every of our new visitor will become our frequent guest. At least, we are always going for this. Come to us. Discover the magic world of beauty and sensuality of our massage parlor. This kind of recreation is available and useful to everyone!

Sincerely, Inna.

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