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40$ per hour
City center and north: +7-921-997-6090 Two places. Many girls!


Respectful, nice, always smiling and affectionate creature




165 sm

Breast size:

2 size

About Diana

Diana is a girl with oriental blood, which is why she have an amazing courtesy and a kind of a worship for a man, qualities which are very harmoniously combined. This girl has also a hot blood, so when you come to her, you definitely wont get bored.

Her appearance is extremely attractive. Her hair is thick and simply chic, the legs are long, a strong and round butt, of an ideal shape. Also have an elastic chest, of the second size, very sensitive. It’s exactly this part of her body that this girl loves more than anything, and the caresses of the breasts give her a really great pleasure. Diana is a slender beauty, with a thin waist, and her style is of a passionate and fatal girl.

This is the style she choose for the photo session: black erotic underwear, high heels, relaxed poses. You probably already guessed that a meeting with her will be full of passion and languid pleasure?

By nature, Diana is courteous, kind, always smiling and affectionate. Being with you, she will stop being shy very quickly and you’be friends soon. Her natural tenderness and feminine intuition are at hand, and within few minutes you’ll be able to completely relax.

Visit Diana, and that evening being in her company will remain in your memory for a long time. Call and sign up, and remember what happens in our salon, remains only in our salon. With us, you can let free your erotic fantasies to and that is happening just being yourself!

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CENTER (Petrogradskaya): 40$ per hour






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If a girl has "Personal program" then I strongly recommend to choose it during your visit of her. This program is her most sexual self-expression!

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