Erotic massage in St. Petersburg


Month: August 2018


About Valerie Valerie is a newcomer, and I dont have many reviews about her also, but those ones who had the opportunity to relax in her company praise our cutie. She completely relaxes herself in the massage room, and her technique is good, whether concerning a traditional massage, or a more erotic part of it. … Read more


About Marianna Marianna is our new masseuse. A bright and very passionate brown-haired woman, with incredibly expressive eyes and a sweet smile. Natural passion, artistry and diligence more than offset her lack of experience. I do not have a lot of feedbacks about her work, but they are all positive. Visitors praise her, noting the … Read more


About Ketrin Ketrin is a young and pretty masseuse with a gorgeous hair and body. If you prefer them blondes, then this beauty is your option! Her stunning figure attracts glances wherever this girl appears. Men immediately would pay attention to her. I think it’s not just about her looks, but also about the fluids … Read more


About Zlata Zlata is our new masseuse girl, with a quite a sunning body and, what a luxurious hair! Zlata does not stands out with her modesty, you can even say that she is depraved, well, in the better sense of this word. ; – ) She loves her own body, loves the pleasure that … Read more