Karina, 20, 169 cm, breast 2

Mistress Karina. Massage and BDSM in St Petersburg

Age: 20 Height: 169 Breast: B
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Very popular girl who works in our salon on Petrogradskaya station. Once before I was on her erotic massage by myself. Sure, I don’t need any special sexual attention from a girl (I’m not a lesbian), but I enjoyed very much.

Karina is the fire starter. Vary cheeky and sexy moves. I was feeling myself like we are not on erotic massage session, but I make sex with her. I’m sure any men will evaluate all her extra techniques much better than me. Anyway, I really recommend to visit this teeny!

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4 thoughts on “Karina, 20, 169 cm, breast 2

  1. Lovely Karina.
    First of all, superb relaxing massage, not just some petting, but strong, relaxing strokes.
    Second part, Karina has a lovely body, very soft skin, definetly recommend her she is so nice and sexy! Lovely built-up of the erotics as well, from the day she opens the door for you in her nice lingerie set.
    Thirdly, lovely way of doing business via this site and chat to book a girl.

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