Nastya, 19, 167 cm, Breast 2

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One of the best massuses in our parlour. Curvy blond and long hair. Good sexual massage techniques and a lot of tricks and extras to make your orgasm as strong as possible! Her Lingam massage is very depraved. Nastya has perfect figure with slim waist and elastic ass. A lot of her visitors bring gifts and flowers to her. She also has very beautiful face and extremely vulgar eyes look. She will be one of your best experience in St Petersburg!


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Her weekly schedule

Schedule is in development and not all girls have it.
11/21(Tue) 11/22(Wed) 11/23(Thu) 11/24(Fri) 11/25(Sat) 11/26(Sun) 11/27(Mon)
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Visit Nastya (47 USD)

In our OZERKY place.
You have to book before to visit!





SMS me an hour before to visit Nastya.
SMS text example: "Nastya, OZERKY station. In 1 hour?"

If a girl has "Exclusive program" then I strongly recommend to choose it during your visit of her. This program is her most sexual self-expression!

3 thoughts on “Nastya, 19, 167 cm, Breast 2

  1. Hello Nastya,
    Yesterday I was with you in the evening. Yesterday you relaxed me a lot. You know how to use your fingers and thumb for a relaxing massage. You also have good knowledge of muscles. I remember that I felt a sleep for few minutes while you were giving me massage. I was tired by all day moving around the city but your massage was ELIXIR for me.
    You are very charming, passionate, delicate and dedicated to wotk.
    I want to write a lot of for you and your services but i don’t want to write a book with infinite pages.
    In few words, I can say that you are a magician who can actively play with the mood and your beautiful eyes and smile is miraculous.

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