Ruslana, 19 y.o. 174 cm, Breast C. St Petersburg. Russia. Escort & Massage.

Female escort service in Saint-Petersbug, Russia

Age: 19 Height: 174 Breast: C
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A beautiful masseuse with the ideal Slavic looks. Ruslana has a modest look, though she has little to be modest about, what with her spectacular figure, backside and legs.

Ruslana has garnered the reputation of a warm and indulging young woman that’s a pleasure to talk to, in addition to her excellent massage skills, which are belied by her young age. In fact, she has even taught me a few tricks! Her customers have been raving about her for a reason.

Should you come visiting on a day she’s working, this beauty should be at the top of your list, as you a guaranteed to have a great time. It’s cold and slushy in St Petersburg nowadays, so indulge your senses and warm up in the hands of a beautiful young angel!

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