Mila. Erotic massage in Russia.

Mila. Russian erotic massage.

Age: 24 Height: 168 Breast: C
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Mila is a professional erotic massage-girl. Graceful and sensual, she can move so as to excite a man. You will feel like a real king. Cute perfection, both in beauty, and in personal qualities. You will be interested to talk with her.

She has a great figure. Elegant hips, rounded ass, strong full breast. Mila is a very feminine masseuse; you will want to touch her.

Mila did not have a photo session, but soon the photo session will take place. I can say that Mila behaves easily and simply with girls and visitors. She won the sympathy of everyone. Visitors to Mila are much praised. She has a special program. She dances with a toy. This spectacle is very exciting. Spend an hour with Mila – and you will never forget it.

Regular clients appreciate Mila very much. I see often how they bring flowers and sweets to her. Mila can always surprise. Her tender sensual fingers will light a passion in your blood. The dancing girl beckons with the game. You will get a violent discharge, and you will see stars.

So, if you want to experience the charms of Mila, call us at the salon. Mila will be waiting for you with impatience!

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Her weekly schedule

Schedule is in development and not all girls have it.
12/11(Mon) 12/12(Tue) 12/13(Wed) 12/14(Thu) 12/15(Fri) 12/16(Sat) 12/17(Sun)
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Visit Mila (42 USD)

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SMS me an hour before to visit Mila.
SMS text example: "Mila, PIONERSKAYA. In 1 hour?"

If a girl has "Exclusive program" then I strongly recommend to choose it during your visit of her. This program is her most sexual self-expression!

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