How to book erotic massage in St. Petersburg

Many foreign visitors love to visit our erotic massage SPA and spend time with our girls. I’m sure it’s because my places are really comfortable, prices are fear, and all the girls are model looking.

You have to book ONE or TWO hours before to visit us.

We don’t do advance booking (like more than 4-5 hours before) without confirmation 1 hour before the visit. The only exception is early times bookings (before 1pm). In case of early time bookings you have to book one day before (evening), because operators sleep till 1pm, but girls will be happy to see you even early morning hours.

Don’t worry about the prices. All prices on the website are up to date. All of our programs include “happy ending” and the basic program is just 2500 rub (42 USD). You will not pay anything more. You can give a girl some tips if you like her very much. Tips start from 500 rub (8 USD) up to… Just for your note, most of our first time visitors choose a program for 3500 rub (59 USD) which include cunnilingus.

Please take a taxi to visit us. Taxi service is very chap in Russia. In most cases you will spend no more than 400 rub (7 USD) but save your time while trying to find us because a taxi driver will bring you directly to the door.

1 Choose one of our salons.

We have 3 salons which are located in different parts of the city. You need to choose which one you want to visit. To do this, please read the address page.

2 Decide what time.

Decide when you want to visit us. We ask to book a massage 1-2 hours before the visit. We don’t do advance booking (like more than 4-5 hours before) without confirmation 1 hour before the visit. Booking and confirmation can be done by SMS. It’s the best option for you and for us because of language difference.

3.1 SMS us.

If your English is not good or a phone call is too expensive for you, you can always book a massage by sending us an SMS or using the online chat.

SMS examples for 3 places:

  • “PETROGRADSKAYA in one hour?”
  • “OZERKY in one hour?”
  • “PIONERSKAYA in one hour?”

…I will answer you within 5 minutes.

3.2 ONLINE booking.

Our operators are not always online. If the button below is gray, use SMS or call us.


3.3 Call us.

Call and tell the operator which salon and at what time you want to visit. Remember, all information can be found on our website.

Please read carefully address page before you go to us! Especially the section “How to find” which is at the end of each address.

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  1. hi, I am in St Petersburg and I would love to enjoy your service! I want to drop a friendly note and let you know who I am. if you see a request from +17137256808 you will know it is me. I will contact you this evening and I look forward to it!

    ciao 😉 -shaw

    • I approve all the comments except spam. You really want your phone number shown on our website?) Anyway comment, If you want to delete your previous comment ).

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